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Sealing profiles – Membrane and sealing foils or termed T-shaped cartridges are homogeneous and extruded plastic sheets (polyvinyl chloride) or HDPE (high density polyethylene) which, thanks to its composition, offer extreme resistance to the aggressive chemical solutions. Due to the extrusion process, the product forms a complete unit.

Only specially selected materials are used in this seal and protection system.

The special shape of the bearings is determined by T-shaped anchors, integrated and rigid, perfect for fixing in concrete, thus providing the necessary conventional joining.

Spills due to post-installation damage can be located faster than unsealed sealing layers. T-shaped acorns continue to limit the area where leakages are to be repaired. It is another product that offers the possibility of minor repairs.

The applications of T-shaped bearings are varied and constantly adapted to new applications. Testing certificates issued by MPA (North-Rhine-Westphalia Institute for Testing Materials) confirm the exceptional properties of the materials used. The thin sheet mesh not only provides a perfect seal but also protects the concrete from chemical influences and corrosion steel bars. The concrete structure must be protected from aggressive substances such as sulfuric acid, offensive salts, organic components, fats, acids, etc. The T-informed cartridges can be delivered in different lengths and thicknesses.

ST16/ST16PE1,6 mmMembrane de etansare seria ST16 ST16PE
ST20/ST20PE2,0mmmembrana seria ST20
ST25/ST25PE2,5mmmembrane ST25
ST30/ST30PE3,0 mmmembrane ST30
ST16/ST16PE1,6 mmMembrane de etansare seria ST16 ST16PE
ST20/ST20PE2,0mmmembrana seria ST20
ST25/ST25PE2,5mmmembrane ST25
ST30/ST30PE3,0 mmmembrane ST30

General presentation


– Hardness: low to normal.


– PVC / NBR according to DIN 18541,

– Hardness: high,

– High chemical resistance.

Elastoflex®:- Elastomer according DIN 7865,

– Hardness: high,

– high elasticity.


– PVC lightly according to company standards,

– Fulfills British Standards (BS).


– Polyethylene according to company standards,

– Suitable for PE plastic seal couplings


– Thermoplastic elastomer,

– similar to Elastoflex, but it can be welded

Besaflex according to company standards

Besalfex® waterproofing profiles made of plasticized PVC are distinguished by many good characteristics and economic efficiency. Plasticized PVC has been used since the 20th century and is the subject of constant research. This material has not been used for waterproofing profiles until it has proven appropriate, as a result of scientific checks performed to prove positive features and, in particular, its resistance over time.

By fulfilling all the required demands, the Besaflex sealing profiles resist the largest structural forces required. They resist acidic and alkaline solutions, decompositions, as well as all natural agents.

Nitriflex® according DIN 18541

The Nitriflex® waterproofing profiles according to DIN 18541 are made of the highest quality materials and thus have very few restrictions, which far exceed the DIN standards. Nitriflex waterproofing profiles according to DIN18541 specifications are characterized by high resistance to stretch, chemical resistance and permanent elasticity to the rubber.

Elastoflex® according DIN 7865

Elastoflex® – The waterproofing profiles are made of elastomers. Elastomers are high-yield polymers bonded to bonded, vulcanised synthetic bonding parts (synthetic rubber). Due to these connections to the non-reversible coupling parts, special joints are required. Elastoflex®-Sealing Feels are ideal both in structures and in major joints, frequent load changes and low temperatures.

Polyflex according to company standards

Polyflex-sealing profiles are aimed at developing structural sealing loads. The sealing profiles have no connection deformations and can be used for sealing joints in concrete or plastic sealing covers.

Poliflex sealing profiles made of modified PE offer the advantage of good welding, aggressive chemical resistance, high durability and microbial resistance. The permanent elasticity and dilation characteristics are not affected by the decreased temperatures.

TPE according to company standards

Waterproofing profiles made of thermoplastic elastomers, designed for tear resistance, low temperature flexibility, weather-resistant and UV radiation.


The technical characteristics of the analyzed products are shown in Table no. 1 and Table 2:

Table no. 1

Characteristic Verification method U.M.

Declared values

Values obtained

Shore Hardness DIN 53505 67±5 66 MPA NRW – Material Testing Institute North Rhine-Westphalia
Traction resistant DIN EN ISO 527-2 N/mm2 ³ 10 11,1
Elongation at break DIN EN ISO 524-2 % ³ 350 379
Elongation at break after exposure to low temperatures (-20±2)0C DIN EN ISO 524-2 % ³ 200 236
Shore Hardness DIN 53505 62±5 57 MPA NRW – Material Testing Institute North Rhine-Westphalia
Traction resistant DIN 53504 N/mm2 ³ 10 12,2
Elongation at break DIN 53504 % ³ 380 522
Reaction to fire class E, according DIN EN 13501-1 :2007


Termoplastic Besaflex Test
Shore Hardness/A 75±5 DIN 53505
Elasticity ≥ 10 N/mm² DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break ≥ 275 % DIN EN ISO 524-2
Manufactured according Standard company with AbP1
Calitati NB2), PH2) NB2), BV2)

AbP certification test General Inspectorate of Construction

NB is not compatible with bitumen

BV is compatible with bitumen

PH harmlessly physiologically

Special qualities Besaflex BS Test method Poliflex Test method
Shore Hardness /A 80±5 BS 2782: Parte 3metoda 365B ≥ 90 DIN 53505
Elasticity ≥ 13 N/mm² ASTM D638M-93 ≥ 17 N/mm² DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break ≥ 285 % ASTM D638M-93 ≥ 700% DIN EN ISO 524-2
Manufactured according Standard company Standard company


Thermoplastic TPE Test
Shore Hardness/A 62±5 DIN 53505
Elasticity ≥ 10 N/mm² DIN 53504
Elongation to breaking ≥ 600 % DIN 53504
Compresie ≤ 35 % DIN ISO815
Manufactured according DIN 18541


Properties TPE Test method PE Test method
Shore Hardness/A 62±5 ISO 868 ≥ 90 ISO 868 / ASTM D 882
Elasticity ≥ 12 N/mm² ISO 37 / ASTM D 421 ≥ 20 N/mm² ISO 527 / ASTM D 882
Elongation to breaking ≥ 800 % ISO 37 / ASTM D 421 ≥ 700% ISO 527 / ASTM D 882


– non-hydroscopic material

– excellent mechanical properties at variable temperature,

– good retention properties after a long period of standing in water,

– natural color,

– fulfills the directive EU 2003/11/EC.

Table no. 2

The NITRIFLEX exposure medium for 72 hours at 230C Traction resistant, N/mm2 Elongation at break, % Executor *)
Control medium (laboratory) 12,35 400 IKT – Institut für Kunststofftechnik – Universität Stuttgart
Engine oil 12,41 395
Alcohol 11,14 385
Saline solution 10% 12,12 396