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Horizontal support devices are intended for transmission of horizontal, mono or multi-directional forces.

Sliding deformation supports

GUMBA Sliding Straighteners increase the capability of the horizontal displacement of the elastomeric supports.

Sliding deformation supports are composed of an elastomeric support with sliding elements and, where appropriate, limiting structures to transmit horizontal loads. The elastomeric support absorbs micro-displacements caused by dynamic loads and allows rotation of horizontal planes. Large single and double axle displacements far exceeding the deformability of the pure elastomeric supports are possible by slipping the stainless steel plate onto the PTFE layer. The manufacturing of the sliding bearing supports requires an EC certificate of conformity issued by a Certification and Testing Institute. The GUMBA CE Certificate of Compliance has the registration number 0672-BPR-002.1.

The dimensions of the slip deformation braces require proper coordination between the design engineer and the manufacturer of the support.


The following three types of slip deformation support are the most commonly used:

1.4 – all-directional slip (VG2)

1.3 – longitudinal sliding, transversely fixed (VG1)

1.5 – longitudinal sliding, transverse deformation (VGE2)