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Certifications and qualifications

The list below provides an overview of our certificates and qualifications:

  • CE Certificate of Conformity – Elastomeric Supports 0432 – CPD – 223604/1
  • CE Certificate of Conformity – Sliding Plane Elastomeric Supports (Sliding Deformation Supports) 0672 – BPR – 002.1
  • EC Certificate of Conformity – container bearings 0672 – BPR – 002.2
  • EC Compliance Certificate ELA – Spherical Bearings 0672 – CPD – 047.1
  • CE Compliance Certificate – Target Holders and Limit Holders 0672 – CPD – 002.3
  • National Technical Approval – 3 equipment for bridge supports CEZ-16.7-452
  • Certificate for welding of steel constructions according to 18800-7 class D
  • Test reports TU Munchen expansion joints for bridges

Quality management


Superior Quality Management (MCS)

Quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priority. Therefore, all the processes in our organization are defined by our internal quality management system.

As a supplier of:

  • stiffened elastomeric supports
  • deformation supports
  • container bearings
  • Spherical bearings
  • limiting structures and targeting supports

We offer our customers to become part of our quality management system and we allow them to meet the quality management system’s quality criteria.

In addition to the internal quality control procedures implemented, our supporters go through regular quality reviews and documentation to independent external organizations.

This includes:

  • Monitoring of reinforced elastomeric supports

Elastomeric supports manufactured according to EN 1337-3 bear an external control according to DIN 18200. Supervision is done by the MPA (Institute for Material Testing) NRW Dortmund

  • Monitoring Support Structures

External controls for all support structures (deformation bearings, spherical ball bearing bearings and containment structures) are carried out by the MPA Stuttgart. These checks are carried out every three months as factory production control.

  • Verification of compliance according to DIN 18800-7

Limiting structures are steel parts that support a load. We therefore have the certificate for welding of steel constructions according to 18800-7. Our skilled welders are trained and supervised by SLV Duisburg (One of the top 10 Welding Engineering Education and Training Institutions in Germany and one of the most important welding institutions in the whole of Europe).

MCS GUMBA procedures

Structural / contractor engineer Client (construction company) Engineering GUMBA GUMBA Production Client (sit)

Supported Quality Control (CQS)

Gumba supports are designed and installed in accordance with the following standards, rules and regulations. In addition, subsequent regulations may be applicable.

Code of Practice Standards

  • DIN EN 1337 – “Structural supports”
  • DIN 4141 Part 13 sliding guide bearings, steel-steel material
  • DIN 18800 – Steel Structures (future DIN EN 1090, DIN EN 1993)
  • DIN 18200 Quality assessment of construction products
  • DIN 10025 – Structural steel products
  • DIN EN 10204 – Metal products – Types of inspection documents

Highlights of the German Railways Authority Ril 804

Rules and Regulations of the Federal Ministry of Transport ZTV – ING / Lag 1-13 / TL / TP-KOR Stahlbauten

Approvals DIBt (German Institute of Civil Engineering) Z-16.7-452

Quality control supports are construction products tested in accordance with German federal building regulations. In order to ensure that the requirements are fully met, the regulations stipulate continuous production control. The results of personal quality control must be documented and analyzed.

The internal quality control system is based on the requirements of these rules and regulations. Our system is regularly reviewed and optimized.